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1 Step Easy Mushroom Kit

 1 Step Easy Mushroom Kit
 1 Step Easy Mushroom Kit
 1 Step Easy Mushroom Kit
 1 Step Easy Mushroom Kit
 1 Step Easy Mushroom Kit
 1 Step Easy Mushroom Kit
 1 Step Easy Mushroom Kit
 1 Step Easy Mushroom Kit
 1 Step Easy Mushroom Kit
Sales price: Only  $44.00

Lowest Priced Kit On The Net.
Grow 2-4 Ounces Dried Mushrooms Per 6 Grow Jars


Kit Includes:

6 Ultra Substrate Jars, 1/2 Pint, Premixed & Pressure Sterilized (The best on the net)
• 12 Quart Growing Chamber
• Thermometer/Humidity Gauge

• 1 Quick Brite Grow Light
• 1 Gallon of Premium Ultra Fine Perlite (Formulated to release moisture better)

 • Extremely detailed step by step growing guide with pictures designed for this kit

ALSO mushroom Cultivation 101: How to inoculate, How to Incubate, How to Fruit, Casing methods & amazing way to quickly dry your mushrooms



***  Our Grow Jars Are Hand-Made Fresh To Order And Sterilized In an Industrial Pressure Sterilizer Prior to Shipping.  Due to the fact we do not use perservatives and our grow mixture in 100% organic;  please use the grow jars 1 week after receiving.  If you plan on using grow jars after one week simply keep in the refrigerator (they should last up to a month).  The jars are so nutrient packed. they can be used for up to 3-4 grows.  After harvesting simply reinject grow jars with spores and grow again! (Details Provided in Step-by-Step Simple Included Instructions)

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  • star Guest (SS Tank)

    Tip, spend the extra $ and get the larger kit, this one is good and all, jus would have been nicer to have all the extras

  • star Guest (Caitlin)

    GREAT KIT - Awesome for beginners. honestly the cheapest kit you can get on the net, I did all my research!

  • star Guest (Mushroom Mike)

    I like Mushrooms, They are good; where am I?

  • star Guest (Sam)

    All around great kit, fast, easy. Great customer service - instant chat is always around to help!

  • star Guest (Grace)

    Wish i would ahve gone with the deluxe kit. This works, just takes a little longer without the heater

  • star Guest (Chase)

    Syran you are stupid, it says everywhere on the site that it does not come with spores - I don't even think the site can sell spores with their kit. Simply go to and they got EVERYTHING you need on there. AS Far as the shipping goes, it says 10 days everywhere as well since it takes a few days for them to make your jars fresh. UGHHH people! This is by far the best kit you can buy, I own 7 of them and love them (each of the jars lasts me about 6 grows!)...

  • star Guest (Syran)

    Doesn't come with spores! Whats with that!

  • star Guest (Mike)

    Says what it says it does.... but half the cost of other sites.. those other sites trick you with shippign charges!

  • star Guest (John)

    AMAZING Kit. Whole process took me about 1 month. Wish I would have gotten the Deluxe version....

  • star Guest (Abhilash)

    Thank you for this product !!